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The antenna rotator and controller is a Yaesu G-450A (current brand new price circa £320) includes a Yaesu 25M-WP 25mtr Rotator cable assembly (original brand new price paid £81.90) The rotator and controller, etc., purchased in 2016 is virtually brand new and only saw the light of day briefly until it was decided to disassemble it by the original owner (GM1FGN) when I purchased it  just prior to him sadly becoming a silent key last year.

Offers in the region of £275.00

Yaesu G-450A antenna rotator and controller and Yaesu 25M-WP 25mtr Rotator cable assembly

Mosley Mini 32A 2-element Yagi Tri-band (20m/15m/10m) is virtually brand new and originally cost £405.
Offers in the region of £295.00

Fairhaven RD500 Database HF/VHF/UHF Short Wave Communications Scanning Receiver 0 to 1750 MHz

The Fairhaven RD500 Database Radio is a complete receiving station with sleek, robust styling and performance – and only 8 inches wide. Manufactured in the UK its high performance makes it a sought after receiver.  In HF mode the receiver has superb pass band shift, notch and peak filter and noise blanker, sync modes, CW and USB/LSB, and smooth  5Hz tuning steps. It’s a VHF/UHF Scanner with pause/hold/auto-memory write, time clock, auto-tune AFC and many different scan modes. It has AM/NBFM/WBFM and FM stereo, TV sound and video output as standard.



Up to 4 minutes of sound can be permanently stored. It can link up to your personal computer, and includes a suite of software to import, process and edit most file formats to make it easy to gather information from document scanners, the Internet and other sources.It has 2 Megabytes of RAM, which can store information equivalent to several scanning directory books. It can hold 54,700 entries, each with 20 characters of text, mode, frequency and receiver settings.

A 45 key TV-style remote is provided for text entry, or just plug a p.c. keyboard in the back. An editable database is loaded into the receiver at the factory. It has a built in digital sound recorder and editor so a news flash or rare DX can be recorded, or in contest working, important details need not be lost.

Offers in the region of £400.00

The items below are being sold on behalf of a widow of a ‘silent key’

TYT TH-9800 Quad Band Mobile Transceiver (as new – boxed) – £115.00 (SOLD)

AVAIR –AV-1000 VSWR/Power Meter (HF, VHF, UHF) – £40.00 (SOLD)

ICOM SM-20 Microphone (boxed) – £75.00

BIRD Thruline 250W Element (Note: slug only!) (brand new boxed) – £65.00


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